Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The 'Tween

Darcie in her playhouse.
She just turned eleven; my baby. She wants her own house but is scared to go out of ours at night.
She gives me spontaneous hugs yet moves away if I try to touch her arm during church.

She's a bundle of contradictions. Good thing for her that I've learned over the years not to take these things too personally. For I know that she's instinctively moving toward being her own separate person. Little does she know how much she'll want our closeness later in her life.

So for now, I try not to overreact when she moves away a little. It does hurt my feelings though. But I have to be the adult and look beyond these years to the time when we'll be best friends. I keep telling her now that she's my best friend. She believes it, because she feels the same way. But the tug outward continues...confusing for her and hurtful for me.


Katy said...

I haven't seen this yet, but I think about it a lot, and I dread it, especially the teen years. I'm praying that Lydia's and my relationship with not be typical. I'm hoping that she's too full of mercy too be too mean to her Mama!

Marissa said...

You are a wonderful mother! She will cherish her tween years looking back. I enjoy reading your blog, and really enjoy your posts on de-cluttering. I think I need to read that book. : )

laurel said...

It's so funny to me that both your girls are so opposite of you. That probably means something deep and philosophical :)
Did you mean to say "contradiction" instead of "contraction"? I wouldn't point it out, but I know how much you hate typos!! :)

debbie bailey said...

Yikes, Laurel! Yes, I meant to say contradictions! I reread it twice and still didn't catch it. In my mind I knew what I meant and my eyes read it that way. Thanks!

Brandy said...

i have soooo many typos on my blog because of that same reason! read it out loud!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I really needed this encouragement even today! It is very hard to rise above your own feelings and keep all the emotions in perspective. Maybe all daughters have some "opposite" in them?