Friday, June 19, 2009

Welsh Cakes

I fell in love with Welsh Cakes on our trip to the British Isles a couple years ago. You could buy them in any grocery store. I brought several packs home and rationed them until they ran out. I recently tried my hand at making them. They were pretty good but not as good as the bought ones. I'll keep trying though. They are really easy to make. I got some of them too brown.

I like having a little something with my morning or afternoon tea. A graham cracker usually does the trick, but sometimes I get tired of them and want something with a little more substance like a scone or tea cake.

These cakes are perfect with tea. They're not too sweet but have currants in them, so they feel healthier than just plain cakes. Or did I use raisins? Either one is good. Try them with hot tea and see if you don't think they're just right!


charlotte carroll said...

i want to come over to your house for tea. when is a good day for you this week?!!! i expect welsh cakes. and incredible conversation.

acornmoon said...

OOH, those look nice, now all you need now is a nice mug of tea, this being Mug Monday. My mother sometimes calls them beakers like Mrs Bouquet.