Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Name Change

When I decided to become a sort-of professional photographer, I signed my photos Deborah C. Bailey. This is the name I used at doctor's offices and other important official places.

As I got involved in our town's art community, people addressed me as Deborah. This made me cringe, because I was getting to know them on a personal level. People that I care about call me Debbie.

I signed my childhood artwork Debbie Bailey. Through the years I have also signed Debbie C. Bailey and D.C. Bailey. I was having an identity crisis.

I've finally figured out why I've gone through so many name changes...I think. As a child I signed my art as Debbie Bailey, because that is who I was. As I got older, I thought that was too simple a name, so I signed in what I thought was more sophisticated ways.

For the last two years, I've been playing with different names in my mind. I have gone from Deborah C. Bailey to Deborah Bailey and finally to Debbie Bailey again. The pretensions have been dropped and I've again become 'just me'. I'm sure that's a good thing. It'll be interesting to see how, and if, that affects my art.
Note: I should have said, "I signed my childhold art Debbie Collins." See comments for explanation.


laurel said...

You signed your name Debbie Bailey as a child? What, were you some sort of palm reader that could see the future and who you would marry? Hee hee...or did you mean Debbie Collins? :)

amyers said...

who's the critic now, miss L?

debbie bailey said...

Oh you girls! When Laurel told me what I'd done, I laughed so hard I almost cried! I forgot that I had a former life before I became a Bailey.

Susan L said...

My name has gone round and round, too. I was called Susy growing up (by family and close friends), then teachers in school called me Susan, then a track coach called me "Sue" in a newspaper interview, and from then on everyone called me that (and colleges that offered me sports scholarships called me that because that's the name they'd read in the papers). I hated Sue, so I eventually trained people to call me Susan again. :-) And to my family I'm still Susy.

Now aren't you so happy to know all of that?! I must be tired...


charlotte carroll said...

this is so funny. David does the same thing. he vacillates on his signature. D L Carroll, David L. Carroll, jr, David L carroll, David carroll, Carroll, ....except he signed his childhood artwork... Davy carroll. :)