Friday, July 18, 2008

My Summer Schedule

I've been reading Godliness through Discipline by Jay Adams during my morning worship time. I'd highly recommend it.  It's a short read at only 25 pages.  Here are some gleanings from it.

1. Discipline is the secret of godliness-I Timothy 4:7.

2. Godliness is the goal of the Christian life; we must please God      by being, thinking, doing, saying and feeling in the ways that        He wants us to.

3.  If you are going to learn discipline, you must first learn                  patience.

4.  Discipline means work; it means sustained daily effort.

5.  Continued daily effort is an essential element of Christian              discipline; just like an athlete.

6.  Jesus insisted that Christians must deny the self within them.  By the self, He meant the old 
      desires, the old ways, the old practices, the old habit patterns.

7.  Taking up the cross means going to the place of death.  It means putting to death the old life      patterns of the old man.

8.  God gave man a marvelous capacity that we call habit.  We can't avoid habitual living.

9.   You must become aware of your life patterns and evaluate them by the Word of God.  The           Christian life is a life of continual change.

10.  Discipline first requires self-examination, then it means crucifixion of the old sinful ways            (saying "no" daily), and lastly, practice in following Jesus Christ in new ways by the                      guidance and strength that the Holy Spirit provides through His Word.

11.  Living according to feeling is the greatest hindrance to godliness that we face.  Godly,                    commandment-oriented living comes only from biblical structure and discipline.

12.  All of the stress that the Bible puts upon human effort must not be  misunderstood; we are          talking about grace-motivated effort, not the work of the flesh.

13. If we want to discipline ourselves toward godliness, a most essential factor is the regular            study of God's Word in order to make application of its principles to our problems.

14. It is by willing, prayerful and persistent obedience to the requirements of the Scriptures             that godly patterns are developed and come to be a part of us.

15.  Structure alone brings freedom.  Discipline brings liberty.  Liberty  comes through law, not        apart from it. 

I am a great one for making lists and schedules.  For the most part I stick to them and am productive.  But there usually comes a time when I rebel and do what I want.  I am very feeling driven which I'm learning more and more is just plan selfishness. 

I have also learned that when I get this attitude that the only thing I get done is reading.  I know there's a time and place for relaxation.  I'm not saying that.  I'm the Queen of relaxation!  But when I need and want to get things done, I need to stick to a schedule.
                                       So this summer my schedule looks like this:

6:00 Worship
7:00 Exercise
8:00 Breakfast, cleanup, and get dressed
9:00 Housework
10:00 Writing
11:00 Photography
12:00 Lunch and cleanup
1:00 Housework-Clothes Repair-Ironing
2:00 Rest and Reading
3:00 Project-House, Art, Sewing, or misc.
4:00 "                                           "
5:00 "                               "
6:00 Cook supper
7:00 Supper and cleanup
8:00 Gardening and puttering outside
9:00 Family worship and reading to Darcie
10:00 Bath and reading
11:00 Bed

8 comments: said...

I wish I was as disciplined as you! I end up just working at the computer most days and not getting away to give my mind and body peace...all of it, work, excercise, and rest is important. I'm stating back to school in August, I want to get in the habit of a yogaish class at the gym there (relax, mental peace, and excercise in one swoop)!

Katy said...

Oooo, I'm so excited you have a blog! I was just thinking about you yesterday and that we need to get together. Lots to catch up on! For starters, go here:

Love you!

Melissa said...

Bryan is reading this book too. I'll have to pick it up when he is finished.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

It's amazing how one finds a new blog. I followed a link to your daughters blog from a young woman who had left a comment on mine.

Then I saw that her mother has a new blog, and well... welcome to Blogland!

I have enjoyed your posts, already.

Julie said...

This inspires me! I want to read this short book. I love the no nonsense points. I'm feeling the need for more discipline and structure (that can lead to godly dominion)

Love your blog. You really put yourself into it and it comes alive.

If you need help putting images in your blog, I'll be glad to help. Be sure to name your images for the search engines. People may find your blog through your photographs on Google Images Search. I have so many people come to my Sorority Sisters blog that way.

Love you,
J Simmons
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Susan L said...

Debbie, this sounds like a wortwhile little book! Loved the points you listed. And I don't know what it is about schedules, but I really enjoy looking at the schedules and lists of others to see what works for them!


Laura A said...

Godliness does take discipline, doesn't it? Which means I need to get at my Bible/prayer/journaling time this morning before anyone else gets up! Thanks for the reminder.

Oh, and is that your kitchen? If so, I really like it!

charlotte carroll said...

very interesting commentary. I love that you get up early. you have always done that. I think it just sets a great tone for the day. love you. and will comment more later. I need to start my day! :)