Monday, July 28, 2014

Sophistication Defined

"I have the gravest suspicions of sophistication. I have never discovered it in nature; and to me it seems that instead of being a proof of enlightenment and culture, it is the evidence rather of ignorance, and perhaps of folly. It is the triumph of shallowness and sterility. The real trouble with a sophisticated person is that he knows too much, not that he knows too little." Archibald Rutledge

I've never desired to be sophisticated, mainly because I associate it with formal wear, cigarettes in long holders, and a studied boredom; things that make me want to run the other way. But Mr. Rutledge nails it on the head with his description, doesn't he?

Here's a little bit of information on Archibald Rutledge. He was once South Carolina's poet laureate and lived at Hampton Plantation, a little bit north of Charleston. He wrote quite a few books of poetry and of his growing up years on the plantation. I've read a few, and they're charming. I bought Life's Extras on Amazon. There are many copies available online. His most well-known and popular is Home By The River. Someday I hope to go visit the house which is open year-round to visitors.


M.K. said...

Beautiful home! It looks a bit ... sophisticated :) Perhaps not really. I've never read Mr. Rutledge, but I'll keep an eye out for his writing now.

Lisa Richards said...

Ha, ha! I thought the same as M.K.! But I suppose sophistication is a state of mind, and his fancy surroundings may have been part of what reminded him that sophistication wasn't such a hot thing? ;)
Anyway, the book looks very good. I'll check into it!

Pom Pom said...

Maybe he's talking about lofty talk that gets tiresome instead of physical sophistication (how things look). His house is pretty fancy!