Thursday, January 10, 2013

An Outside Tour of Baileywick Cottage

The herb garden in summer
The front porch
The dining room window with master bath window above. The window boxes will soon be filled with pansies.
Side porch which is our main entrance. I love the louvered vent above!
Around back is the balcony off the master bedroom. Kitchen window below looks out over the gardens.
Below the kitchen window is the shade garden with a hydrangea, ferns, and ivy. Beau is looking at me through the railing going down from the back porch.

And that's a short tour of the outside of our house. As I was walking around taking photos, I saw all the work that needs to be done. Leaves to be raked, empty flower pots to fill, and just stuff that needs to be thrown away. Here in Georgia that's what January and February are for; preparing for spring. Things are already starting to bloom and push out of the ground. I also need to prune the roses before Valentine's Day. Much to do!


Eileen said...

You have a beautiful house.

M.K. said...

Beautiful, Debbie! I love every photo. Your red floor is very, very nice. And I really like the bathroom window that's tucked up there under the eaves. I wonder if that was hard to build that way? Well, it's so cute -- the whole house is cute. I know you love it. And you are VERY right about January and February being the months to be OUTSIDE, when you live in the Deep South. I think some people move here, and don't understand that for several years. And they're frustrated b/c they stay inside in the winter, and then can hardly go outside in the summer b/c it's so horribly hot, and they wonder: "When am I supposed to go outside?" January, of course! :) Love you :)

Pom Pom said...

It's so pretty! I love the balcony.

Angela said...

Your house looks so different now, but just as lovely! I miss coming over. You should show the playhouse, the chickens and the blueberry bushes too:)

wayside wanderer said...

Fun post! I love seeing the details on your house and also I am going to use your herb garden picture as inspiration. Hmmm...I should start a garden bed pinterest board. I cannot wait for the sun to green things up again.

grannimcd said...

Love it. The tour brought back memories.

Cranberry Morning said...

Oh my, that sounds wonderful 'preparing for spring.' Here in Wisconsin, springtime is a long, long way away.

That balcony off the master bedroom is wonderful! How fun! And the whole house looks just lovely. Beau is a cutie. :-)

About your typewriter and copier comment, those old manual typewriters really created some finger muscles. And I actually worked in a church office with an old mimeograph machine where I had to ink the messy thing and run off copies. ICK. I love the printer here on my desk. So easy. :-)

Reginas Simple Living said...

hello debbie
what a beautiful house you every photo.
have a wonderful week,