Friday, February 25, 2011

Bonnie Prince Charlie and All That

One of my goals for this year is to research my scottish roots and find a family plaid so I can order some fabric to make a pillow.

A friend of my husband's researched my family tree for free! I've been reading it this morning. The overwhelming majority of family names comes from England with Scotland and Ireland next. Wales, France, and Belgium are represented, too. The earliest date I've found, so far, is 1430.

Beaupre Hall
Here's an interesting one: Sir Robert Bell was the Speaker of the House of Commons in the late 1500's. He served during the reign of Elizabeth the 1st. He lived at Beaupre Hall in Norfolk, England. Here is the link:

Unfortunately, Beaupre Hall fell victim to the wrecking ball in 1966 during that tragic period of English history when country houses were being torn down at an astonishing rate.

So, the quest goes on to find a scottish name with a plaid I like. Stuart is one I've found. I've always been a Jacobite sympathizer. Are those kinds of things inheritable, I wonder?


wayside wanderer said...

That is a really neat stuff to find out! I can't wait to see your plaid.

The Provincial Homemaker said...

This made me laugh - when I was a child I always had Lindsay tartan kilts - pretty much one a year until I was 12. My Grandmother (scottish) had two options for tartans Lindsay or Fraser - she said the Fraser was prettier:)