Saturday, September 18, 2010

Grandma's Letters

If our house was burning and I could rescue three things, this stack of letters would definitely be one of the three.

They were written to me by my maternal grandmother after I left home in 1973. They cover my college years, my marriage and move to California, our move to Georgia, and go through the birth of our second child in 1983.

Grandma was a letter writer. She kept in contact with all of her siblings, her daughter-in-law, her children who lived away, and her grandchildren. She also wrote a few friends, too.

My favorite memory of her is when I would walk into her house and see her sitting in her chair listening to the local radio station with pen and pad in hand writing to some lucky someone. She would smile sweetly, say hello, gaze out the window, and continue writing. It was enough for me to just be with her.

She was the most influential person in my life growing up. She showed me what a godly woman looked like. Her life was simple. She took care of her home and family. She took in strangers and helped out the sick and needy. That's why her letters are so precious to me. I want to be just like her.


Pom Pom said...

I want to be just like her, too! Beautiful. What a legacy!

floating said...

That is just beautiful and a wonderful keepsake of her.

wayside wanderer said...

You are blessed! I had a grandmother that I loved very much who was such a sweet example of love and patience. She died when I was 13. I named my daughter after her.

I just found a box of letter my dad wrote to my grandparents while he was in WWII. I haven't read them yet. Not sure if my heart can take it right now and there are very many...but I will soon.


lisa said...

What an absolute treasure Debbie! I too have several letters written between my grandparents, and I feel so fortunate to have them.

Thank you so much for sharing these at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful day!!