Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Travelling Light

This post was inspired by “how to want very little” by david turnbull.
I didn't read his whole article. There may be things in it that I don't agree with. Just giving this disclaimer in case he says something totally off the wall!

In his article there's a section that challenges you to experience the benefits of travelling light. He says to plan a short vacation where you take as little as possible; no technology and no jewelry accessories. Just the essentials.

I've learned to pack like this whenever we go for a two-week trip to Europe. I can get by with one carry-on and one small rolling suitcase. I take two pairs of pants; usually black and stone. No jeans please. Nothing says "American!" like jeans. I take two long-sleeve tees. We usually travel in late March and early April, so it's still quite cold. Layering is the key to staying warm. One v-neck hefty sweater to match everything. Two wool scarves. I get tired of the same one, and they don't take up much room. One lightweight, outer, waterproof, long swing coat in black. I love this coat as it folds itself into a purse. If it gets too hot, I can just put it over my shoulder like a purse and carry it that way. I hate carrying a coat in my arms. I found some black Privo shoes that feel like athletic shoes but don't look like it. Another thing that shouts "American!" is white or mostly white running shoes. I only take about three sets of underwear and socks as they can be washed nightly in the sink. They usually won't be dry next morning thus the third pair.

And that's it. It is so freeing to pack this way. Now if I can only get other things in my house down to a minimum like this!


Pom Pom said...

Two years ago I went to Asia with just a book bag/backpack. I had three light weight pants, four tee shirts, one warm fleece because we stopped in Australia on the way home. It was so simple. We did take our Kindles and I'm glad for that, but nothing else. Getting through customs so many times was easy with just the backpack - no checking bags. I'm sure we stuck out in Cambodia, Thailand, the Philippines, not so much in Hong Kong or Singapore. I never wished for more clothes, not once. Now, when I go to Washington State to see family, I bring the backpack and nothing more. This from someone who used to bring five pair of shoes everywhere. Great post! I always think of Maria in The Sound of Music - one carpet bag.

Katy said...

I'm impressed. I took WAY too much when we went to London, and I still ended up wearing the same thing over and over again. I did better going to Montana last summer, but I made the mistake of carrying a purse AND a backpack on the plane with me. I ended up checking the backpack on the way home and taking a Target shopping bag (the reusable kind) for my book and knitting.